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Provincial Labour Office Uthaithani

Organization Structure

  • MissUtahiwan Srisuphonrotchana

    MissUtahiwan Srisuphonrotchana

    Provincial labor positions
    • Mrs.Kasorn Wanasuk

      Mrs.Kasorn Wanasuk

      Professional Labor Technical Officer
      • Mrs.Ruchanikorn Chanopad

        Mrs.Ruchanikorn Chanopad

        General Service Officer
        • Mr.Chawarit Saowaman

          Mr.Chawarit Saowaman

          Car Driver
    • Mrs.Chananya Vadphan

      Mrs.Chananya Vadphan

      Professional Labor Technical Officer
      • Mrs.Duangporn Songsawang

        Mrs.Duangporn Songsawang

        Personnel Analyze And Prepare Situation Reports
        • Mrs.Kitsana Changkham

          Mrs.Kitsana Changkham

    • MissInthiporn Yusook

      MissInthiporn Yusook

      Finance And Accounting Officer Is Proficient In The Work.
      • Mr.Itthikorn Maison

        Mr.Itthikorn Maison

        Joint Service Center Officer Of The Ministry Of Labor